24k gold leaf crystalline wine glass goblets (A001)


+ Item No: FNS-A001

+ Material: lead free crystal glass, 24k gold leaf

+ Size: H:270mm, T:75mm, Ф:100mm, V:768ml

+ Package: Set of 02 pcs into deluxe gift box and bag

+ Meaning:

Made from fine crystal, this glass set is durable and resilient for daily use.

The large size makes each glass perfect for a cozy night in with friends.

Get these glasses to enjoy for yourself or as a gift for your favorite wine lover.

Our crystalline wine glass goblet designs are based on the exceptional characteristics of each grape variety, which in turn determines the shape, size and rim diameter of the bowl.

The latest machine blown technology, in conjunction with the seamless pulled stem, offers a special design feature “architecture”, which creates an indent in the stem, reflecting the light and adding another dimension to the lively color of wine.

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