24k gold leaf crystalline wine goblets – Set of 2 (S527)


+ Item No: FNS-S527

+ Material: Crystalline, 24k gold leaf

+ Size: H:270mm, T:75mm, Ф:100mm, V:768ml

+ Package: Set of 2pcs

+ More information:

Clean and contemporary, the Red Wine Stem set of two is distinguished by modern styling and sleek elegant lines.

With a generous bowl ideal for accentuating the aroma of a full-bodied red wine, these fulsome wine glasses are perfect for a rich Claret, Burgundy or Shiraz.

Stylishly crafted in fine crystal they carry substantial weight and provide outstanding clarity.

Elegantly presented in an elegant box, this set would delight a wine connoisseur who likes to entertain family and friends.

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