24k Gold Plated Pewter Dog Figurine (Size M)


+ Item No: SN-6181-K

+ Material: Pewter, gold plated

+ Meaning:

The Dog which is a symbol of justice, faithfulness, protection and strong sense of morality, is the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle.

It also symbolizes persistence in adversity and sensitivity to feelings. The symbol of Dog emits vibes of honesty, loyalty, generosity and dedication to things they love.

Dogs are also considered a harbinger of friendship. It also means good luck in wealth attainment.

This pewter dog figurine makes the perfect decoration to invite festive mood and to usher in good wealth and good fortune to your home or office.

For those born under the Dog zodiac, these effects will be magnified hence this enhancer would make an excellent birthday gift to a Dog-born.

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