24k Gold Plated Pewter Dragon Figurine (Size M)


+ Item No: SN-6181-E

+ Material: Pewter, gold plated

+ Meaning:

The dragon symbolizes power, excellence, divinity, nobility and valiancy.

This fantastic figurine of the mighty Dragon, created from pewter  is depicted to represent prosperity and career success.

It is a highly sought-after symbol and would make a great addition to any Feng Shui collection.

It is a mystical creature that has held emblem since ancient times, when it was believed to transfuse vitality, courage and heroism to the beholder.

The Dragon can be positioned in a variety of ways around the home or office.

According to Feng Shui experts, no matter where the Dragon is displayed, it is said to serve to protect the area, create confidence, attract wealth luck and stimulate the vibes of masculinity.

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