500,000 VND Frame


+ Item No: NG-2GBF-84

+ Size: 32x35cm

+ Meaning:

If you want a distinguished framed Gold Vietnam Dong Banknote then this is it!

Featuring the side of the VND500,000, it is housed in a jet black polished frame which can either be hung or perfectly seated on bench, desk, bar or a multitude of other clean clear positions to please the individual!

The Gold Banknote is protected by a panel of ultra clear glass for a lifetime of joy and pride, and there are two models to choose from, the wall hang type or the desktop model.

Each of these superbly crafted gold notes are actually engravings on a very thin gold pice, which has been mounted on a polymer plate, which itself is protected behind glass.

Frames come packed in a high quality gift box, which is shipped in a protective sleeve itself so as to protect your gift box for the occasion.

Also, every Banknote Frame is completely checked for quality before shipment, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and is shipped fully insured in transit.

We can customize any country’s banknote!


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