Ben Thanh Market Frame 20 x 20cm


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+ Size: 20×20 cm

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Ben Thanh Market has existed for a long time even before the French arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, also popularly known as Saigon.

In 1911, the French colonial government decided to relocate the market to the position seen as today.

The market was started its construction in 1912 and finished at the end of March 1914.

Ben Thanh Market today has become one of the must-see tourist sites in Ho Chi Minh City travel.

Tourists to the market not only purchase goods or souvenirs but also have a chance to find particular images and characteristics shown in daily activities of the inhabitants in the city.

In certain cultures, souvenir gift-giving is an expected part of returning home from a trip.

Therefore, Ben Thanh Market Frame is a nice souvenir gift about one of HCMC’s attractions if you want a meaningful gift after the trip.

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