Carp Pair and Orchid Frame (13x26cm)


+ Item No: TR-CCHL1326

+ Size:13x26cm

+ Meaning:

The carps have been connected to things like education success, financial well being and marital bliss.

As a matter of fact, fish are also associated with water.

Since water stands for the bringer of life and the abundance of prosperity, a Fengshui carp also portrays these virtues.

An image or a statue portraying the carp brings good luck and positivity to the people around.

The graceful orchid represents love, prosperity, beauty, fertility and strength.

The combination of a pair of carps and orchids make the frame more meaningful.

You can even gift this frame to a person who is trying to make a baby or wishing to expand the family.

They are great gifts for mother’s to be and also brides.


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