Crane And Pine Tree Frame (39x69cm)


+ Item No: SN-CF3969-03A

+ Size: 39x69cm

+ Meaning:

After the Phoenix, the crane is the most favoured of all the birds as a symbol of good fortune. The crane is considered as the patriarch of all feathered creatures and is called the bird of immortality. It is symbolic of a long and smooth life and brings happiness and harmony into the home.

The evergreen pine tree appears to be fresh and bright, even when very old. It symbolizes longevity, solitude and steadfastness; as the needles grow in pairs it is also a symbol of married bliss. It is a perfect symbol of eternal marriage, durability, and long life.

When crane and pine tree is combined in one frame, it gives the wish for a peaceful and long life.

Best gift for wedding, wedding anniversary and longevity celebration of elderly people.

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