Crystal Ceramic Gold Leaf Wine Set of 7pcs


+ Item No: SL03

+ Material: high-grade ceramic, 24k gold leaf, lead-free crystal

+ Size:

Pot: H:150mm, T:40mm, Ф:85mm, V:310ml

Cup: H:62mm, T:43mm, Ф:30mm, V:32ml

+ Package: Each set includes 01 pot+6 shot glass cups+ 7 coasters with Swarovski crystal beads.

Beautifully nested in red luxury gift box and bag.

+ Meaning:

This collection includes our brand-new items made from high-grade materials like ceramic, lead-free crystal and 24k gold leaf.

Crafted by hand with traditional porcelain and crystal blown techniques, SL03 set of seven will bring much cheer to any setting.

Skip centerpieces and let your aesthetically intriguing SL03 wine set do the talking at your next dinner party.

Enjoy your favorite beverage and a taste of style with these shot glass set.

The special design makes SL03 so much unique:

Gold Rim on the Edge & Petal

Spout Design Prevents Water Droplets From Spilling Out

Negative Ions & White Porcelain K9 Crystal Base & Gold Flakes

Non-woven Coaster with SWAROVSKI Crystals

Authorized SWAROVSKI Crystal Beads

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