Crystal Ceramic Gold Leaf Wine Set of 7pcs (white and plain set)


+ Item No: GP03

+ Material: high-grade ceramic, 24k gold leaf, lead-free crystal

+ Size:

Pot: H:150mm, T:40mm, Ф:85mm, V:310ml

Cup: H:62mm, T:43mm, Ф:30mm, V:32ml

+ Package: Each set includes 01 pot+6 shot glass cups+ 7 coasters with Swarovski crystal beads.

Beautifully nested in red luxury gift box and bag.

+ Meaning:

The collection is natural, odorless, non-toxic, eco-friendly with safety certification.

All of our materials are nano-anion natural ore combined with porcelain clay and fired to temperature above 1350 degrees.

Therefore, products will continuously release negative ions by its own physical properties.

This set is an ideal gift on special occasions such as Housewarming, New Year Festival, birthdays…

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