Crystalline Gold Champagne Goblets 220ml (K120)


+ Item No: K120

+ Material: 24k gold foil crystal (Gold foil certificate card)

+ Size: H:255mm, T:42mm, Ф:70mm, V:220ml

+ Package: beautiful rested in a pair , nested in foam surround and incased by an elegant giftbox and handled transparent sleeve.

+ Meaning:

All of our goblets are made from highest quality crystal with lase cut design.

Filled with a unique, shimmering gold foil throughout the stem, boasting an elegant crystal base.

The stem is long enough not to draw any heat from your hand to the Champagne itself, keeping it at the ideal cool and desired temperature

With its graceful gold flake stem, Crystalline Gold Champagne Goblets 220ml is actually a wonderful way to serve any drink.

With seek design and distinctive appearance, these flutes are perfect gifts for any engagement, birthday or truly special occasions.

Gold detailing and a chiseled shape make this design even more luxurious and make for the perfect wedding toasting glasses.

Though intended for special occasions, Crystalline Gold Champagne Goblets 220ml  are sturdy and durable enough to easily withstand every day.

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