Crystalline Gold Tumbler 345ml (W04)


+ Item No: WW04.2

+ Material: 24k gold foil crystal (Gold foil certificate card)

+ Size: H:135mm, T:85mm, Ф:50mm, V:345ml

+ Package: beautiful rested in a pair , nested in foam surround and incased by an elagant giftbox and handled transparent sleeve.

+ Meaning:

This tumbler set is perfecly weighted and expertly crafted. Add a touch of glass with these cups. Gold rims are even and the same thick, which make your dinning table more luxury. Golden decal brings you more personality while using the glassware.

Be the envy of the dinner party with this spectacular drink set!

The elegant cup is lead free because each glass is tested and must meet our rigorous inspection before delivering to customers.

High quality glass base is thick, dense and filled with 24k gold foil flakes to creat a beautiful spectacle. It is truly one-of-a-kind set!

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