Crystalline Gold Water Goblets 150ml (W03)


+ Item No: WW03.2

+ Material: 24k gold foil crystal (Gold foil certificate card)

+ Size: H:175mm, T:4690mm, Ф:46mm, V:150ml

+ Package: beautiful rested in a pair or six , nested in foam surround and incased by an elegant giftbox and handled transparent sleeve.

+ Meaning:

This gorgeous set of 2 high ball drinking glasses will make a great addition to your drinkware collection.

Enjoy your drink in style! Impress your guests with these fine glasses.

Show off your impeccable taste for special occasions, dinner parties, holidays or entertaining.

Gold decal dandelion on the glasses symbolizes faithfulness and happiness.

So this Water Goblets can be the best gift and bring your sincere wishes to your beloved!

The gold decal and gold rims on the glass create a stylish finish that makes any occasions special.

This drinkware made from premium quality and durable glass to ensure long lasting use and uncompromising taste!

A set of two pcs are ideal for weddings, house warming gifts, birthdays or any other special events.

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