Crystalline Gold Water Goblets 425ml (S526)


+ Item No: S526

+ Material: 24k gold foil crystal (Gold foil certificate card)

+ Size: H:210mm, T:63mm, V:425ml

+ Package: Set of 2pcs is accompanied with a luxury gift box and transparent sleeve

+ Meaning:

Gold has always been considered a symbol of wealth, success and power while crystal is the emblem of the elegance and noble. So, there is nothing more wonderful when the two symbols of perfection are combined together.

These water goblets have three rhine stones at the bottom to protect the crystal surface from scratches and help the globlets stand steadily on the dinning table. With a wide mouth and deep belly, the water goblet is thicker.

Besides, edges and surface at the foot are cut precisely and elegantly and will reflect light beautifully and give party members a special feeling while enjoying the drink.

The connectors on the body of the goblets made from 316 high quality stainless steel will avoid the glasses to get rusty.

Crystalline Gold Water Goblets 425ml  are erfect for juice, beer, water, soda, mixed drinks…

Beautiful suspended 24k gold illusion created by the design, these goblets will suit restaurants, cafe, business and home.

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