Cute Goat Figurine


+ Item No: BT-12GIAP-MUI

+ Size: 10.5×8.5×12.5cm

+ Meaning:

The goats are symbols of business intelligence and peace of mind.

People born in the year of goat are said to have these attributes: kindness, motherly love and gentleness, care about others feelings and accepting their imperfections.

Other symbolic meanings of sheep are faith, respect, sturdiness, initiation, curiosity and independence.

Place a goat figurine in your office or home, and your family to remind you of the generosity of the Mother, to honor yourselves and to never give up exploring unchartered territory like they do, until you achieve your highest ambition.

Display this goat figurine in your office or home to bless your family with all of its caring characteristics.

For those born under the Goat horoscope sign, these effects will be magnified hence this good luck charm would make a perfect birthday gift to a Sheep person.

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