Dancing peacock (30x30cm)



+ Material: 24k gold leaf (Gold leaf certificate card)

+ Size: 30x30cm

+ Brand: MT Gold Art

+ Package: Each frame is packaged in a luxury giftbox

+ Guarantee: 24 months

+ Delivery: free ship nationwide within 48h

+ 24k gold leaf and guarantee card included

+ Meaning:

Due to their beautiful-looking feathers and habits, they are associated with different symbolic meanings.

They are seen as a powerful and mystical symbol and are considered sacred in many cultural and religious groups across the world.

The peacock is associated with Kwan-yin.

Kwan-yin (or Quan Yin) represents qualities like compassion, watchfulness, love, compassion, and goodwill.

Legend says that Kwan-yin remained a mortal even though she could be immortal so that she could aid humanity in their spiritual growth.

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