Feng Shui Wealth Ship Style 43 (Size L)


– Item No: SNGP-L43

– Size:

Ship size: 335 x 250 mm

Overall size: 510 x 180x 340 mm

Including an acrylic cover and wooden base

– Meaning: 

Made from brass and 24k gold plated, this feng shui wealth ship stands for bringing money, good luck as well as the accumulator for your wealth. Usually it is displayed in money corner to enhance wealth luck.

It is good for enhancing career luck too since it has the meanings of smooth sailing as sailing in the calm sea to let people easily get their destination. It help you wishes coming true.

This beautiful gold color dragon sailing boat is believed the one to carry good luck, wealth and prosperity to home. Sailing Ship also represents Doing Everything Well and Wishes Coming True.

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