Feng Shui Wealth Ship Style 47 (Size L)


– Item No: SNGP-L47

– Size:

Boat size: 335 x 250 mm

Overal size: 510 x 180x 340 mm

Including an acrylic cover and wooden base

– Meaning:

Delicate and refined, this exquisite handcrafted wealth ship plated in 24k gold is a renowned prosperity luck charm in Feng Shui, particularly among business persons. A carefully rendered in gilded copper, this vessel is both loaded with and surrounded by gold treasures. This wealth ship is a powerful symbol of divinely rewarding ventures. Feng Shui philosophy states that placing it in the Northwest will attract new financial opportunity and mentor luck, placing it in the Southeast will invigorate wealth luck and placing it in your entranceway will transform all entering chi to fiscal luck.

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