Crystal Gold Leaf Tumbler Set of 2pcs – 210ml (W01)


+ Item No: C-WW01.2

+ Material: High quality glass, 24k gold leaf

+ Size: H:110mm, T:65mm, Ф:70mm, V:220ml

+ Package: 02pcs/set are packed with foam inside a gift box and gift bag.

+ The floral artistic patterns and gold foil flakes at the thick bottom reflect the light resulting in a brilliant sparkle. Treat your dad, husband, brother, best friend or a colleague and serve a measure of Scotch or whiskey over ice with this elegant set of tumblers.

Beautiful gold rimmed glassware for wedding and party rentals. Crystalline Gold Tumbler 210ml (W01) is perfect for a celebration or just for enjoying your favorite drink with panache.

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