Crystal Gold Margarita Goblet Set of 2pcs 295ml (A523)


+ Item No: A523

+ Material: Lead-free crystal, 24k gold leaf

+ Size: H:185mm, T:110mm, Ф:110mm, V:295ml

+ Package: 02pcs/set with a luxury gift box

+ More information:

This Margarita Goblets is a worthy choice for enjoying a variety of wine.

Each stem is filled with brilliant sparkling gold foil which makes drinking wine so much more pleasurable.

The faceted base are precisely cut and crystal beads on the bottom will keep the goblets from slipping when placed down.

This set is perfect for enjoying your favorite red, white, rose wines, water or juice.

Pour your favorite bubbly beverage or serve sumptuous desserts, cocktails and other decorative delights in style using our Crystal Gold Goblets.

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