Peony Flower Display Plate D=20cm


+ Item No: QT-BTVL03

+ Material: ceramic, 24k gold leaf

+ Size: D=20cm

+ Meaning:

Peony, known as the Queen of Flowers has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth, noble, good fortune, happiness and prosperity.

It is not only beautiful but also has a strong and lovely fragrance.

Besides, Peony, a cure for love, romance, affection and the vitality of young love.

This elegance of display plate with nice superior detail of carved wooden like stand, peony flowers and yellow tassel brings beauty, luxury and enrichment to your home decor.

Displayed at home, it also can generate money luck as well as safety.

Decorating Gold Peony Flower Display Plate in the living room or main family room will bring a happy and wealthy life.

The plate will add vivacity to your home decor.

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