Rooster Frame (25x32cm)


+ Item No: SN16-2532-062

+ Size: 25x32cm

+ Meaning:

The Rooster is a symbol of courage, dependability, diligence, self-determination of perseverance. Often related to the yang principle and features such as loyalty and bravery, the Rooster is a fine feng shui symbol to keep in the home.

Giving your loved one a Rooster figure to keep in the office will serve to be useful, as the Rooster is beieved to help keep an eye open to eliminate the chance of third-party interference.
Keeping a Rooster in your office is reputed to greatly assist you if you have a political career, as it will keep luck with you and prevent back-stabbing or betrayals that you didn’t see coming. When placed in the South corner, the Rooster is said to be an ideal enhancer of recognition, reputation and accomplishment luck.

Excellent gift for people in political career or people worried about straying spouse.

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