Shouxing Statue (17x14x22cm)


+ Item No: LHY-SN-006

+ Size: 17x14x22cm

+ Meaning:

Shouxing is carrying a staff of knotted wood, holding a bottle-gourd that is reservoir for the elixir and attended by a young boy as an emblem of prosperity. His robe includes a stylized form of the character Shouxing for longevity as medallions on the sleeves.

Legend says that Shou Xing spent nine years in the womb, and born with an extraordinarily large forehead. His mother saw the star of the South Pole the night he was conceived. This star is said to determine the time of a person’s death, so Shouxing is often called “The Old Deity of the South Pole.”

Legend also has it that Shouxing has the power to fix the date of every person’s death. He decides beforehand how long every human will live. The digits cannot be changed but they can be tampered with.

The peach is said to blossom every 3000 years and that a bite of the peach provides longevity. It is considered lucky to wed in the month that the peach tree blossoms, signifying a long marriage.

This Shouxing Statue would make the perfect ornament for your home or gift for a loved one as it will bring longevity and well-being for the recipient.

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