Three Generations of Goats Plate – D20cm


+ Item No: QT-BTVL06

+ Size: D=20cm

+ Meaning:

The Goat is the eighth animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle. It is a symbol of business intelligence and serenity of mind.

This is a beautiful representation of three generations of Goats seen standing together looking proud and happy with each other to signify a happy and wholesome family.

Three generations of goats designed together represent the good fortune symbol. People often call this image “San Yang Kai Tai”, which means bad luck is over and good fortune is forthcoming.

The Three Goat Generation Display Plate is a ideal birthday gift to those who were born under the Goat Zodiac, who are often said to be righteous traits such as sincerity, creativity and kindness for others, always thinking about others’ feeling and understanding their imperfection.

You can also decorate your house or office with this Feng Shui product. You and your family members will be blessed with all of its caring characteristics.

This Feng Shui item also signifies that wealth is enough for at least three generations.

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