Wine Decanter and Glass Set (SN603)


+ Item No: SN603-3

+ Material: Lead-free crystal glass, 24k gold leaf

+ Size: Decanter: 1380ml, 275 x 100ml

Glasses: 450ml

+ Package: 01 decanter and 02 glasses. Deluxe giftbox, bag with shock absorbing foam.

+ Meaning:

This premium quality Wine Decanter and Wine Glass Set is hand made of crystal glass, a special material that is far harder and more stress resistant than ordinary glass.

This high quality food grade glass is generally thinner and lighter, ideal for safe storage and long-term use.

Hand-made and lead-free, they also add radiance to any room or kitchen with a modern yet elegant design. Great for all brands of red and white wine.

The wine container introduces more oxygen to its contents, thus allowing the wine to open up and fully develop to its maximum potential.

The 24k gold leaf inside the stem of glasses will give you a speacial feeling while enjoy the wine.

The best gift or present for any “wino” or in house warming, wedding or New Year.

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