Wine Shot Glass Set (CD01)


+ Item No: FNS-CD01

+ Material: lead-free crystal, 24k gold leaf

+ Size: Pot: H:150mm, T:55mm, Ф:70mm, V:220ml

Cup: H:65mm,T:40mm, Ф:30mm, V:30ml

+ Package: Set of 01 + pot 06 shot glasses nested in foam surround and incased by an elegant gift box and handled transparent sleeve.

+ Simple yet elegant, this set provide you with a beautiful look. They have a sweeping flared shape to their sides for easy sipping, making them pretty attractive and comfortable. Plus all lines are so clean and smooth that you will feel good to the touch.

Cool shot glasses feature a strong thick bottom, which not only protect them from being easily knocked over and helps them keep upright, but also delivers a nice and substantial feeling in your hand.


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