Wine Shot Glass Set (CD03)


+ Item No: BL-CD03

+ Material: lead-free crystal, 24k gold leaf

+ Pot: H:150mm, T:40mm, Ф:85mm, V:225ml

+ Cups: H:65mm, T:42mm, Ф:30mm, V:32ml

+ Price of only 06 shot glasses : 3.200.000VNĐ

+ Package: Set of 01 pot + 06 shot glasses nested in foam surround and incased by an elegant gift box and handled transparent sleeve.

Made of borosilicate glass, our wine shot glass set is designed for every day use.

They are greatly sized for any shots, including espresso shots or specialty shots.

Also, they are good for shooters, liquors, cocktails, desserts and measuring for mixed drinks.

This great design is the bar essential.

Get creative with serving drooling.

Hors d’oeuvre and desserts in our shot glass or even decorate it for weddings and special events!

CD03 is ideal for home, bar, hotel, restaurant, resort, and night club use.

Each shot glass or pot is handmade therefore, shape and size can vary slightly and tiny bubbles may appear within the glass.

This exemplifies the hand-blown technique, making every piece a unique example of blown glass craftsmanship.

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